Thursday, July 9, 2020

No Divisions Exist

The divisions that we currently live in are artificial, created only for the purpose of filling pigeon holes on someone's roll top desk. Neat little boxes that satisfy an obsessive compulsive need for order provide our marching music. It is time that we need to realize that human society is messy, and unordered in any but a very general unifying sense, and any attempts to divide it up into cute little boxes always result in folly, often in violence, and generally with the destruction of someone's culture and life.

In reality there are no divisions, only a continuum of understanding, experience, belief, and knowledge. In real life this means there is no black, white, olive, tan, brown, red or yellow differentiation of "races"; there is only a continuum of human skin tones. As for political beliefs, there is no Left or Right, only a continuum of thought, education, experience and emotion that results in individually held beliefs that accordingly exist as a panorama or maybe as a collage. The same is true of gender, religious beliefs, sanity, wealth, geo-political borders; anything that we now see as a division is in reality an artificial human construct designed only to point out and accentuate differences rather than likenesses.

Beginning sometime in August, we will be inaugurating a weekly podcast in an attempt to remove the artificial divisions that prevent us from living to our full potential.  Stay tuned.

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